Cannes 2013 Day #1

9:15 AM

Well the first day of the festival is over now and I can honestly say it was the most unreal and completely amazing day of my life. Alongside viewing The Great Gatsby on its opening night and walking the squelchy red carpet in a rain coat and soaking feet, I saw in person, people I have been idolizing from afar for years. 

Let's do a quick recap.

The day started out normally enough with a 4-hour shift at the coffee bar at the American Pavillion, which is the group I'm doing my Cannes internship with. After my shift was over, my friends and I decided the check of the photocall for The Great Gatsby, and we ended up worming our way to outside the theatre doors where photographers were waiting to snap pictures. 

 First, the beautiful Carey Mulligan. She pretty much ran into the theatre which was a little heartbreaking. Whatever. I'm over it. But what the fuck Carey?

Then, Baz Luhrman, the director of The Great Gatsby. He was pretty sullen. Maybe he was butthurt over everyone chanting "Leo!" instead of his name. 

Leo baby made an appearance. He's perfect.

Then came the Festival Jury, which is really the highlight in my opinion. 

Christoph Waltz. Practically my favourite person in the whole world. All I want to do is touch his beard and eat strudel with him. I yelled "Shoshanna!" at him but he ignored me. Understandable. We'll get there.

The best part of my day life though came when Steven Spielberg walked by and I got to shake his hand. I may or may not have burst into tears. 

Socializing with film royalty is a tough life but we manage. 

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