A Series of Fortunate Events: Oscars Edition

7:39 PM

Pretty much.

Kim Novak has lost it, John Travolta can't be arsed to remember a name, Bruce Dern and Harrison Ford collectively give zero fucks.  Ellen is adorable and Lupita Nyong'o is a total goddess. Gravity gets a lot of Oscars, American Hustle gets none. 12 Years a Slave gets everything it deserves, Jennifer Lawrence gets everything she deserves. This year was good, guys. And I'm not talking about pageantry or show tactics anymore...I mean that a lot of justice was done, and awards in general went to the right people. Too often we have to resort to the words of Ron Swanson in all his masterfully concealed rage. 

Well said Ron, well said. But really, this year, we don't have to spend as much time complaining about Oscar snubs. Sure, there were a lot of incredible films from 2013 that deserved way more recognition (Nebraska anyone? Her? Inside Llewyn Davis?) but for what we were given, and compared to past Academy Awards, there was a lot of justice done. Can we all just breathe a collective sigh of relief and fight back tears of happiness for Lupita Nyong'o's win for 12 Years a Slave? In the seconds leading up to the reveal, my panic-stricken household of Lupita worshippers held its breath, willing her win over Jennifer Lawrence. Not that Jennifer Lawrence isn't talented, mind you. But if JLaw had won the Oscar for portraying a troubled housewife in a dramedy instead of Lupita, playing a routinely raped and beaten slave (and who delivered one of the most affecting, gut-wrenching performances this year), then I honestly would have lost all...or what little faith I had left in the Academy. When you have such a massive platform that reaches millions and millions of viewers, yet continuously ignore certain massive demographics, and just keep giving awards to the Jennifer Lawrence's of the world, or to the surprise sensations who-used-to-do-romcoms-and-have-now-gotten-serious, you're continuously establishing who's important and who's not with an award that literally stands for the premiere standard of excellence in the film world. So thank you, old white men (for the first time), for voting for Lupita, because if she had lost out to JLaw, she wouldn't have been the first to not get proper acknowledgement for telling an incredible story, alternatively buried by bureaucracy and racial/patriarchal biases. 

But enough about my love of Lupita and 12 Years a Slave. As with my Golden Globes coverage, I'll now direct you to my Twitter, where the bulk of my Oscar feels (i.e. mostly Lupita feels) are spelled out in 140 characters or fewer. #alrightalrightalright

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