Behind the scenes of Guillermo del Toro's new film, "Crimson Peak" (2015)

6:59 PM

Yesterday morning, over 300 extras and crew members filled the Market Square of downtown Kingston to film Guillermo del Toro's new film, Crimson Peak (2015), an event which is pretty much the most exciting thing to happen to this city since the fur trade. Guillermo del Toro himself and Mia Wasikowska were the most notable names on set, while Tom Hiddleston and Charlie Hunnam were missing in action, much to the chagrin of dedicated Kingston fangirls. Now since I'm just a very dedicated movie groupie and not at all involved in the actual production of the movie, I'll save you from my pseudo-knowledge of this particular film and direct you instead to a few photos I took (from a collection of over 600) from the one day of filming which took four days to set up, 8+ hours to film and will result in less than five minutes of footage. 

2 days before filming
Hasn't looked this good since the days of John A. 

6:30am - April 14th, 2014
Kingston, Canada...the other 1890's Buffalo, New York

First sighting of director Guillermo del Toro on set
*Silently fangirls and suppresses urge to hum Pan's Labyrinth lullaby*

Extras on set waiting to start filming
Such troopers. Most of them had 3am call-times (or earlier)!

Mia Wasikowska in costume as Edith Cushing
So beautiful.

Jaeger Program alumnae?
Charlie Hunnam in disguise? We'll never know.

Challenge: find the suavest extra
Challenge complete.

Mia about to film a scene in the market
"Do you know where Tom Hiddleston is?"
"No, sorry, he's keeping a Loki profile."

There goes the luckiest chair
Guillermo del Toro's chair-o

More Guillermo del Toro
I tried to get the default 'framing-hands' director pic but it just wasn't happening.

Bit of a change of pace from giant robots
The Jaeger program has seen some tough times lately.

Mud shot

After a few hours, the sun started to dry up the mud so reinforcements were called in!

Mia in action

They did this scene about six times, each time re-setting the cars and horses.

Del Toro after finishing the shoot

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