Walden Connection: The Thoreauvian Agenda in "Upstream Color" (2013)

4:55 PM

One of my favourite films from 2013 is Shane Carruth's Upstream Color (2013). The director first came to public attention in 2004 for his sci-fi film Primer (2004) which was a extremely confusing, insanely interesting take on the possibility of time travel. I may have first experienced the film in someone's smoke-filled dorm room at three in the morning but that doesn't mean I didn't rewatch it right away and confirm that it was amazing even without *ahem* herbal aid. And so with Primer in the back of my mind, I pounced on Carruth's second film Upstream Color which comes to us nine years after the release of his first film. Can I just say that I love this movie? The cinematography is gorgeous, the sound design haunting, impeccable, and it's just a wonderful work. That being said, this is a difficult film that you do have to dedicate some time to if you want to come away with a good experience. And it was after my third viewing of Upstream Color, that I feel I finally understood the film and thought it was high time I write something about it. But what it has resulted in is actually a visual essay and an exploration of the heavy influence of Henry David Thoreau on the film. 

Massive spoilers ahead

But if you've already seen this beautiful movie, be warned that I'm about to make the most complicated movie of 2013 perhaps a bit more complicated. 

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