NEW VIDEO: A Damn Good Coffee Tribute

2:14 PM

It's finally here. My tribute to coffee in Twin Peaks. I started re-watching the show earlier this year, looking out coffee onscreen and listening for any mention of it. Turns out, coffee is the crux of the show. For all we know, Agent Dale Cooper derives his endless pep and zest for life from the sweet, sweet caffeine, without which, he might never have solved the mystery of Laura Palmer. Wait...did he actually solve what happened? Does anybody understand what really happened at the end of Twin Peaks? I'm on my fourth re-watch now, and I still don't know what went down. Good thing I'm just compiling quips and quotes about coffee and not breaking down and analyzing Lynchian landscapes. This time. 

Enjoy "A Damn Good Coffee Tribute"!

Damn good coffee! And HOT! Sit back with a slice of cherry pie from the Double R Diner and enjoy this little tribute to the most esteemed beverage in Twin Peaks - and perhaps in all of Washington State. 

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